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With the AstroCantus mobile app, the infinite music of the universe is in your hands, and it is uniquely yours to control. AstroCantus turns the sky into an endless, beautiful score of infinite musical and educational possibilities. As stars, galaxies and nebulae touch the celestial meridian, they play an instrument and scale that you select. Imagine the possibility of both hearing and seeing the universe in real time!

AstroCantus converts the celestial map into an infinite musical soundtrack that you define: from a delicate nocturne to a vast space symphony, all at a touch on your mobile device.

Word on the street:

"There are very few truly new things in the world; this is one of them"
~ Astronomer David Weintraub, author of How Old Is The Universe? and Is Pluto a Planet?

"What a striking experience. To listen to a song "played" by the stars ... it's as though God is playing the piano with a childlike sweetness. Random, and yet with melody revealing and discovering itself one note at a time."
~ Beth Nielsen Chapman, singer-songwriter

"What a fantastic fresh idea. I can't wait to hear the full orchestra!"
~ Patrick Doyle, world class composer

"This concept, when fully understood, can revolutionize how we are connected to and comprehend the universe.
~ Rocky Alvey